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Welcome To Oppenheimer Eye Clinic

We understand that your first visit to the eye doctor can feel overwhelming and we try to accommodate all new patients with a comfortable and organized facility.

Our staff has taken the steps to prepare you for the first appointment by providing a full spectrum of the services we offer and the option to complete our new patient form prior to your visit. Our goal is to cover everything you need with a full and efficient assessment, but without waiting to see the doctor.

  • We have been patients of the Oppenheimer Eye Clinic for fifteen years. Most of the staff members are extremely friendly and helpful. The doctors and technicians are so very knowledgeable and fun to be around. The eyewear selection is vast, considering how small this island is. The office and waiting area is always in tip-top condition

    Rachel Avatar
  • I trust these doctors totally with the health of my eyes. They go beyond just the basics to ensure my eyes are the best they can be.

    Elsie Avatar
  • I had to find a new optometrist, and Oppenheimer had been recommended by my new PCP. Their staff totally put me at ease, even though I was a nervous chatter box (new eye doc after moving away from my previous one of 25 years). The imagining technology that I had never seen before! Oh my! Dr. D. Oppenheimer took his time with my eye exam, making sure that my sight was first priority. When it came to fitting me for contacts, well, that service above and beyond, especially since I was going from the incorrect lenses to a correct, progressive lens. While this part seemed to take the longest, who likes to just wait around, etc., it was very important and much appreciated! Dr. D. did not just give me a set of lenses and send me on my way. He took the time to let the lenses adjust and then to see if I could actually see out of them. GREAT SERVICE!

    ar Avatar
  • On the 2nd day of a 7 day cruise I found myself with a bit of a developing vision problem in Key West FL. Far from home and with no clue where to begin it was suggested I contact Oppenheimer Eye Clinic. They not only took me in within the hour, I was examined by both Doctors and cared for by a helpful staff. Nothing but praise...Thanks OEC.

    Phillip Avatar
  • Most long time Ophthalmologists have the same "kill me now" look in their eyes. Dr O, however, unlike his apparent namesake, is a man with only positivity, and helpful when you expect one wouldn't care to be. Thorough and gracious. I will return.

    Bob Avatar
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